Concert Review: Dean Lewis

There’s an allure that concerts have. Maybe it’s the palpable excitement in the air, maybe it’s the magnetism that draws your eyes to the artist on-stage. No matter what it is, it’s an allure that we miss in these pandemic stricken times but online concerts have an allure of their own. 

April 30th, 2021.  The artist playing is Dean Lewis. If you don’t know Dean Lewis, you’re almost sure to know his song “Be Alright” that was released back in 2018. It reached 10x platinum in Australia and 2x platinum in the US.

It’s a smaller, more intimate setting decorated with Edison lights and lights that color the stage depending on the mood. Opposed to the distinctive artist and band facing the audience, concerts are known for, they face each other and through this arrangement we see the connection and communication that an artist has with the other musicians on-stage. 

The first song that plays is “Waves,” which begins with Dean and his guitar but gradually progresses to something with more impact when the band comes in to supplement. 

Another song he plays is “Used to Love” which is the first time that it has been played live. A charm of the live version is the bass line coming through and the use of a shaker. The song builds up with the sounds of an orchestral and eventually comes to an end.

The middle of the concert becomes slower with Dean moving to the piano. A memorable moment is when the band leaves the stage and Dean is left on stage alone to sing “Half A Man”.

The second to last song comes around and Dean is again at the piano and this time to play “Be Alright”. The emotions of the song are tangible even through the screen of a computer.

The last song finally comes and it’s his newest song “Falling Up” and it is a new sound from Dean Lewis. The song touches on the negative emotions that he is feeling but combats them with a sense of optimism.

Listen to “Falling Up”!

Big thanks to the team at Island Records for giving us the chance to see this concert!

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