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Dhruv shows us his Vulnerable side in new single

Dhruv has been a Crowdsurfer favorite for quite some time now, and his next single continues to prove that. Following moonlight, a sweet song about the best parts of love, his newest track, Vulnerable, gives listeners a different taste as it represents the contrast in love; the
highs and lows. ‘‘The song has a bit of sadness to the lyrics, but the track is upbeat production-wise, and I think that is supposed to represent those highs and lows. They both play hand in hand when it comes to relationships and I wanted to show that.’’

Baby, I’m falling into pieces in front of you
My baby, he sees me so vulnerable
So vulnerable
And I’m wasted
Spilling my secrets

‘‘It is a combination of being in an amplified emotional state from the mass of what he experienced along with being intoxicated that led to the concept of the song. I had a crush and on one drunken night, the feelings and alcohol all bundled up so much that I confessed to him that I liked him, got rejected but having that experience made the song. I wrote this 2 years ago, and in hindsight, being rejected was really important to my growth.’’

Incredibly written and heavily emotional, it holds the truth that love and relationships and everything in between is necessary. While dhruv continues to navigate his love life and writes about his experiences, we’ll be listening to Vulnerable on repeat until the next one.

By Sonca Nguyen

Writer and Curator for Crowdsurfer Magazine

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