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Security Threat at Sabrina Carpenter Show

Sabrina Carpenter fans were asked to head home last night in Portland after a “credible security threat” was realized by local authorities, causing Sabrina to cancel her show just minutes before she was to go on stage.

The opening band Spill Tab had performed, and Sabrina had also performed a soundcheck for VIP ticketholders. Around 10pm, a staff member told fans that the show would not go on, and that the fans would receive refunds. “I am so sorry. I love you very much,” Sabrina tweeted to fans.

“Employees with the Crystal Ballroom called after they received a phone call from an anonymous person claiming they were going to blow up the venue,” says Nathan Sheppart of the Portland Police Bureau.

An AEG rep also said, “While the threat was not directed at Keller Auditorium specifically, Sabrina and event organizers agreed that out of an abundance of caution, the show be called off. Steps were taken to ensure that the audience exited the venue calmly, quickly, and safely.”

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Jonas Brothers Announce 2nd Yankee Stadium Show

This morning was the presale for The Jonas Brothers’ August 12th show at Yankee Stadium, where they announced they would be playing songs from all five of their albums in a spectacular night called “One Night Only.”

They can’t call it that anymore, because after Yankee Stadium sold out during the presale, the group said that due to incredible demand, they would be adding a second night on Sunday, August 13th.

The general sale for the added show will be on Friday, April 14, at 10 a.m. ET via The Citi cardmembers and Verizon presale are on Wednesday, April 12, at 10 a.m. ET.

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Taylor Swift’s Love Life is None of Our Business

Taylor Swift has been ridiculed, lied about, made fun of, and downright hated in the media since she became famous nearly two decades ago. There was the narrative that she was a “serial dater” that all her exes became material for songs, there was the Kim and Kanye “snake” drama, and a million micro aggressions alluding to her weight, her fashion, and every little thing about her.

So, even though all the major “news” sources are writing about it, are tweeting about it, are using it for clout and clicks, we will not be commenting on Taylor’s love life. Taylor’s personal life is just that: her personal business. Not our business. And although we feel like we know her through the song lyrics she writes, we don’t know everything about Taylor. We know one side of her, the celebrity side. And so whether or not this is true, we’ll let Taylor talk about it when she is comfortable and ready to. And for now, we’ll sing along to Eras Tour videos and stream Midnights.

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5 Seconds of Summer: 5SOS5

After months of anticipation and excitement, Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer has finally dropped their fifth studio album, fittingly titled 5SOS5.

The album is a collection of nineteen tracks that take us through “a journey of friendship, brotherhood, and an exploration of self-identity.”  The quartet is incredibly proud of this album as it marks the first time they have released anything independently since their first EP Somewhere New in 2012.

5SOS released their fourth album CALM in March 2020. Due to a series of unfortunate events, they were unable to tour following the release. However, they took this as an opportunity to grow and decide where they wanted to go as a band. During the pandemic, they packed up their instruments and took a trip to Joshua Tree where their fifth record was brought to life.

The band was looking to create something they have never done before. They wanted to break free of the shackles that were limiting them to one sound. In Joshua Tree, they decided to close a chapter and greet a new beginning. This album enabled the boys to enter a new “era focused on creative freedom and liberation of the bands truest voice to date.”

Complete Mess is the first track and single of the album. They wrote the song on their first day in Joshua Tree and revealed it took them an hour to write. The boys state, “this song was the first time in the writing process that the band really felt we got it right. We had found our sound and knew what we were aiming for.” The song opens with the whimsical chirping of birds, transporting us to Joshua tree and setting the tone for the rest of the album.

Throughout the album, we really get a taste of 5SOS’s new sound. We get a mix of soft rock, slow-tempo electro-pop, and four-part vocal harmonies. The album has some of the band’s strongest, most vulnerable, and beautifully written lyrics accompanied by brilliant instrumentals that give each track its own uniqueness. The lyrics are nostalgic and tender and display the band’s newfound maturity. Each song encapsulates the emotions and experiences shared between the band and their fans throughout their journeys of growing up.

We also get tracks led by each band member, giving us a chance to better understand the stories of each of them. They gave us an opportunity to see the growth of each member and connect with them on a deeper level as we sing along to their experiences of heartache, friendship, and struggling with self-identity.

Although they have established a new sound, they included tracks that “gave an ode” to their “older sound in a tasteful way.” We get a reinvention of the experiences of toxic relationships and heartbreak through Bad Omens and Bleach. We also see a struggle with mental health and self discovery in Emotions, TEARS!, and CAROUSEL. Through beautifully raw and emotional lyrics, Older, Take My Hand, and Moodswings explore the complexity of love.

Through this record, 5SOS has shown the world that they are not afraid to experiment with new genres and sounds. They prioritize producing and performing music that makes the band happy, which ultimately maintains their authenticity and enables their creativity to flourish. Switching it up sonically has proven to keep 5SOS new and fresh. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin have shown a tremendous amount of growth as musicians. And 5SOS5 did an excellent job at encompassing the band’s raw talent.

You can stream 5SOS5 here and make sure to follow 5SOS on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to stay up to date with what’s coming next!

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The Driver Era Summer Tour

Alt-pop band, THE DRIVER ERA, consisting of brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch are currently on their summer tour with special guests Almost Monday and Summer Salt. The tour kicked off on the East Coast early this month and is making its way across the United States before heading to destinations in Australia and the UK this upcoming fall season.

The band’s latest single, “Malibu” dropped in late July and is full of fun and nostalgic summer vibes. We’re excited to hear THE DRIVER ERA’s highly anticipated third album, Summer Mixtape, which will be released on September 16. The album features 11 brand new tracks – including “Malibu” and “Keep Moving Forward” (feat. Nikka Costa). To pre-order the album, please visit

We can’t wait to catch the band in San Francisco on August 25 – stay tuned for a photo gallery and show review! 

Photo by Samuel Fisher

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Illfest Daily Lineup Is Here

A surprisingly impressive lineup just dropped from local Austin, Texas music festival Illfest. Featuring over 50 EDM artists over 4 stages, and not complete without crazy visuals and art installations, this will for sure be the place to be in September.

We’re most excited to see Louis the Child, Jai Wolf, Slander, and Boogie T on Saturday, and Cheat Codes, Chromeo, Griz, Madeon and Kayzo on Sunday. Check out the lineup below for the full list of acts, and head to to grab tickets.

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Deep Tropics 2021

Nashville danced all weekend long during the Deep Tropics music, art, and style festival, paying no mind to the sweltering heat. It was a collective agreement that we were all grateful to be together, sharing love and sweating it out on the dance floor after a year where we were all so far apart.

One of the coolest parts about Deep Tropics was that it was set to be the greenest festival in the world. If you were there you noticed there were zero trash cans. That’s right! Everything was compostable or recyclable, including all the cutlery and even free ash try pouches. The commitment to being sustainable was refreshing to see, and it was incredible to see so many attendees who were passionate about the environment as well.

The Friday lineup included Clozee and Whethan on the Meru main stage, and the amphitheater was packed for both of their sets.

Hourglass kicked us off on Saturday. The crowd was slowly trickling in, but she had everyone up and dancing and ready for Day 2 in no time. Cassian and Young Bae followed on the main stage while people flaunted their outfits and much-needed fans.

And let’s not forget about the Congo Soundsystem stage! This stage was close to the heart of Tennessee. Memphis-native Qemist performed, as well as several hip-hop artists from Nashville such as A.B. Eastwood, $avvy, Brian Brown, and Tim Gent. The energy around this stage was always a vibe no matter who was playing!

As the night rolled around, more and more people streamed in. Bubbles filled the air, the VIP section was bouncing, and folks were captivated by the poi spinners around the park. Unfortunately, Moon Boots had to cancel on Saturday, whom I know many fans were looking forward to. But CharlestheFirst and Claude VonStroke kept the spirits alive, so any momentary sadness at that news was soon forgotten.

Deep Tropics was an incredible way to close out summer and celebrate the return of music festivals. Hopefully this helped pave the way to making all festivals sustainable, showing that we can do all of our favorite things while saving the planet, too. See you all next year!

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Talking “Dinero” with Trinidad Cardona

We got back into the groove of things after the long 4th of July weekend by talking with Trinidad Cardona. If you’re on TikTok, you definitely know him, as his song “Dinero” became the #1 viral track on the app a couple of weeks ago. We can attest that this song has been in our heads all week. This overnight explosion of attention also lead “Dinero” to enter Spotify and Billboard charts, proving that Trinidad Cardona is a name you’re going to remember.

CROWDSURFER MAG: How was your holiday weekend? Do anything fun?

TRINIDAD CARDONA: I just watched some fireworks, made some food, it was nothing too crazy.
CSM: Ok let’s talk about “Dinero.” This song suddenly blew up overnight on TikTok. What was that moment like finding out that news?

TC: It was a weird, surreal moment because I didn’t do anything. It was literally being normal and then one day someone being like, you know your song is doing incredible? It didn’t feel real at the moment. I actually wrote it down on a manifestation board but forgot about it. So it was kind of weird how that came back, but manifestation is real, kids!
CSM: I love that, I’m here for all of the manifestation techniques. Did you spend a lot of time watching all the different TikToks? Any favorite ones?

TC: Yeah, there are millions of TikToks at this point, but at the beginning I was going through it looking at each video and what people were doing. Because I didn’t even have a TikTok! I had to learn how to use it and download it and all that.

CSM: Did you have any favorite TikToks using “Dinero?”

TC: People are all kind of doing their own things to it, but I like the dancing videos personally. It’s fun to see people go off.
CSM: Was it shocking to you to have a song that’s three years old get all that attention?

TC: Yeah because I dropped all these great songs, but I’m not mad that people like this one. This song, when it came out, it just didn’t catch on originally. It’s better to see it do good now than never.
CSM: Ok, so obviously a lot has happened in the years since that song came out. What would you like to direct all your new fans to listen to next?

TC: We’re actually working on new music, so you can keep listening to “Dinero” for another few weeks. We’ve got some more coming, already recorded.

CSM: What can you tell us about what’s next?

TC: It’s everything. Imagine every type of music that you wanna hear, yeah, it’s all that. I got dance records, I got soft records, I singing records, I got more rap-type records. I do everything.

CSM: It sounds like a great mix and we’ll all find something we love for sure. How has your musical style changed since you started releasing songs?

TC: Dramatically. I feel like I actually make really, really good music now. When I sang “Dinero” and the other songs I dropped around that time, that was my first start at music. I had just started singing. “Jennifer” was my first song, I had one more song after that, and then “Dinero.” So I’m like, people are going crazy over those songs that I did when I was a teenager, imagine what they’re about to go off on when they hear this new stuff. I’ve been recording, writing music, I’ve written over three, four hundred songs just this year. Practice makes perfect.

CSM: What do you hope most for your fans to get out of listening to your music? Do you have an impact you want to make?

TC: I want them to feel good. I want you to feel something. I want you to feel sad, cry it out, dance, feel happy. Whatever emotion I’m trying to portray through my music, I want them to feel that. And everyone has their own memories to these songs too, so just go make memories to this music so when you listen back to it you have something to think about, reminisce on. That’s how I do with my music. If I listen to music, it always has some type of memory attached to it, or a feeling attached to it, different songs for different moments.

CSM: So tours are getting back out there, happening again. If you were on a dream tour, who would you love to go on tour with?

TC: I never got asked this, it would probably have to be… First I know it’s gonna have to be Travis, I love the way Travis Scott performs. That was one of my first concerts. That dude’s crazy, energy insane. So definitely Travis…the second would probably be… probably be Brent Faiyaz I really like Brent Faiyaz.

CSM: Ok so we’ve got new music coming out for you sometime, is there anything else in the horizons that you’ve got planned?

TC: I just know it’s gonna be new music. A lot of people gonna hear it, a lot of people gonna love it. I’m just focused on that right now.
CSM: Anything else you want to let all your fans know, all your new listeners know?

TC: Just keep an eye out for new music. This whole thing is just getting started.

CSM: Well I’m excited. Keep manifesting! Wait, how do you go about your manifesting?

TC: Gotta write it down, it’s scripture. So you write it down on paper, write it down on a board, write it down every day, daydream about it. I literally live there. That’s how you make it happen.

CSM: I love this. Thank you for taking time out of your day, and we look forward to hearing more from you!

You can stream “Dinero” here, and be sure to keep an eye out for what’s next to come for Trinidad Cardona!

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Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain Music Fest

If you’re looking for a music festival to go to this fall, look no further than Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain, a magical 4-night camping music festival experience with music, art, visuals and lights, hosted in Ozark, AK.

Besides this stellar lineup consisting of festival favorites The String Cheese Incident, Ganja White Night and Clozee, there’s lots of fun activities to try out, like sliding down a huge water slide, riding the ferris wheel, or even just exploring the visuals, art, and sounds in the woods.

You can check out their website here, and Instagram here.

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slenderbodies release dreamy EP “are we”

The indie-pop duo slenderbodies released their latest EP today titled are we. Having already dropped four of the tracks as singles before now, we were excited to listen to the other half and the EP as a whole.

slenderbodies gives us dreamy, slightly groovy, feel-good, indie jams that seem like the perfect music to welcome summer night drives with the windows down. The songs invite you to flow, and it’s impossible to not move with the smooth falsettos and snapping beats.

Take a listen to are we, and watch the lyric video for “mirror” right here.