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Lose Somebody // JACK GILINSKY

Heartbreaks, copious amounts of tequila, and love songs, we’ve been there.

This is exactly what Jack Gilinsky has brought us back to in his latest single, Lose Somebody

He sings about the regret he feels in a past relationship and how he’s come to the realization that he ‘‘Had to lose somebody to miss somebody’’

My favorite part of this song is the bridge. Lyrically, he comes to terms that he is not able to let go and even goes to say that it is ‘ugly’ without the other person around. 

These things they come and go

I just can’t let this one free

The only love I’ll know (Ooh-ooh, ooh-oh, ooh, ooh-ooh)

Without you I feel ugly

Jack’s catchy melodies in the chorus accompanied by iann dior’s feature makes this a sad song of the summer. Be sure to check out next time you’re in the mood for sad love songs.

By Sonca Nguyen

Writer and Curator for Crowdsurfer Magazine

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