Concert Photography

Elah Hale at The Bowery Ballroom

Elah Hale opened for Lewis Del Mar at The Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, October 7th. The easygoing artist approached her performance just as she does her music — with pure authenticity. 

Raised in New York City, Hale had several friends and family present at the show. The artist coyly smiled as she mentioned that she can’t tell the stories she usually tells during her set as a result. 

“I’m 22 now, mom and dad, I’m going to drink!” she laughed. 

Hale instead chose to tell wholesome stories to preface her songs. One particular story that stood out was about a fan named Sarah, who had reached out to Hale via Instagram DM’s. Sarah expressed how a certain song was critical to helping her get through a tough time, which touched Hale. As she was finishing up the story, Hale pointed to a section of the crowd and called out to Sarah to say hi. Members of the crowd rushed to yell hi to Sarah as well, making an already important moment all the more memorable to the fan. 

Elah Hale is set to release new music in the near future. In the meantime, listen to her latest single, Foolish here.

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