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Suki Waterhouse in San Fran

English singer, songwriter, model, and actress Suki Waterhouse stopped at August Hall in San Francisco for the second show of her “Coolest Place In The World Tour.” With the release of her latest EP, Milk Teeth, and debut album I Can’t Let Go, the singer found many dedicated fans at her first North American headliner tour.
The show started off strong with “Bullshit on the Internet” and was followed by “The Devil I Know.” A few songs later, she played an unreleased song called “To Love.” In between her performances, Suki joked that she was everyone’s “millennial mom” and also explained the meaning behind a lot of her lyrics. The entire crowd sang along to popular songs like “Johanna,” creating a welcoming and intimate vibe.

Suki Waterhouse’s set concluded with “Nostalgia,” followed by a two-song encore consisting of “Blessed” and “Good Looking.” Before performing “Good Looking,” she explained how the song changed her life when it gained popularity on the internet. Before leaving, Suki Waterhouse hopped off the stage and ran to the barricade to hug and take selfies with her enthusiastic fans. She also autographed a few posters and books, as she is going to play a character in the television adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s bestselling novel, Daisy Jones and The Six.

The “Coolest Place In The World Tour” runs through February 10, hitting many major cities across the United States. Make sure to stream Milk Teeth and I Can’t Let Go, and catch Suki Waterhouse at a tour date near you! 

Concert Photography

RKS in Nashville

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came to play Nashville Municipal Auditorium on December 10th, giving a show to remember to a sold out crowd.

One of the fun and exciting things about RKS is that they have no singular tour setlist, so each audience is in for a treat since they can’t be sure which songs they’ll be hearing all night! For Nashville, RKS opened with “All That and More (Sailboat)” from their debut album Seven + Mary. Of course, tracks were played covering their entire discography, including “Painkillers,” “Devil Like Me,” and “Cocaine Jesus.” When they played “First Class,” the entire auditorium sang along to every word, and the bright white lights lit up the thousands in attendance, showcasing the love for RKS that had brought everyone together.

Speaking of lights, the lighting design was impeccable. Whether you were up close to the stage or at the top of the balcony, you got to witness as beams of all different colors shot across the venue, often silhouetting the band members and enthralling the audience. The lights brought you closer to the music, and even the moments in-between songs were given appreciation with softly glowing rainbows – appropriate for the band’s name.

Catch Rainbow Kitten Surprise for their remaining tour dates this month in the US, or find them next spring in their world tour!

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Zhu at Red Rocks Amphitheater

The Bordas Bros, Hayden James, and Zhu played at Red Rocks on 11/11 in Morison, Colorado. Nearing mid November, (and we could tell by the 20-degree weather) – this show was the perfect way to finish out Red Rocks season. There was an amazing turn out, almost completely full right as the doors opened at 7, fans in Colorado were dedicated to the show, bundled up and ready to dance.

The show was well-curated, with the lighting, stage design, and fog going perfectly with the music as the sun set and the rocks lit up. This was just the first show of his run at RR, playing on the 12th as well.

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Chloe Moriondo in San Francisco

Chloe Moriondo’s “SUCKERPUNCH” tour came to San Francisco last week at the Great American Music Hall for a fun night of singing and dancing. Moriondo ran around on stage in a silver two-piece ensemble and tall moon boots singing various hits including “Popstar” and “Celebrity” from her newest album. Among these hits, she also sang “Bodybag,” a fan-favorite from her previous album, Blood Bunny.

Towards the middle of her set, Chloe Moriondo asked the crowd if they would like to hear a cover of one of her favorite Lady Gaga songs and everyone cheered in excitement, which led Moriondo to begin singing Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Following this song, she exited the stage and the intro to “Hotel for Clowns” commenced as Moriondo appeared on stage fully decked out in a clown outfit. After this performance, Chloe Moriondo made a comment about how her inner child needed that song.

Throughout the night, Chloe Moriondo brought her positive and invigorating energy to the concert hall, leaving fans with an impression that will be sure to last. If you’re in the mood to listen to some upbeat hyper pop, make sure to steam Moriondo’s latest album, SUCKERPUNCH.

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King Princess at The Regency Ballroom

King Princess, also known as Mikaela Strauss, stopped at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco last week for “The Hold On Baby Tour.” King Princess started their set by running on stage and singing “Little Brother,” a song from the pop artist’s sophomore album, Hold On Baby. Throughout the night, King Princess took sips from a red solo cup and paused between songs to engage with the audience. As the track for “Winter is Hopeful,” a song that King Princess wrote about their girlfriend, began, they stopped and asked for the backup track to be turned off. “No tracks, let’s go all live… these fucking computers!” they exclaimed.

Later on, King Princess told the audience that they would be singing one of their “vintage” singles. Everyone immediately knew that they were referring to “1950,” their debut song from 2018. The audience started to cheer loudly and pull up their phones. King Princess quickly stopped to tell everyone to put their phones down. “You can find recordings of this song everywhere,” they said, “Instead of having our phones out, let’s sing the shit out of this song together!” Surprisingly, all but two or three audience members put away their phones, creating an intimate moment for everyone.

King Princess’s encore consisted of three songs, ending with “Let Us Die.” Make sure to stream King Princess’s album Hold On Baby and catch one of their live shows in a city near you! 

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Sabrina Carpenter at The Regency Ballroom

Sabrina Carpenter’s sold-out emails i can’t send tour came to a close at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco this past Sunday. The show kicked off with Sabrina sitting behind a keyboard under a large, heart-shaped archway. The lighting was dim, intimate, and ideal for Sabrina’s first song, a stripped-down rendition of “emails i can’t send.” Soon, energy shifted as the heart archway lit up and Sabrina ran around the stage in a sparkly bustier and mini skirt ensemble singing “bet u wanna,” another track from her latest album.

Sabrina paused various times throughout the show to connect with fans and talk about her experience with relationships and breakups. During the middle of the show, she performed a throwback – her 2015 debut single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” – and fans eagerly sang along. Once Sabrina’s set concluded, fans cheered her name in anticipation for an encore and Sabrina delivered not one but two encore tracks; “decode,” followed by her most vulnerable song, “because i liked a boy.” Before singing, she explained that she was very afraid to release “because i liked a boy” because of all the negative press she was receiving following a messy public breakup. Since releasing the song, it has become evident that she has the complete support of her very many listeners. The show closed with dozens of red heart balloons falling on the audience from the ceiling, following the consistent theme of love.

Make sure to stream emails i can’t send if you’re in the mood for a refreshing take on modern relationships through a combination of emotional ballads and catchy pop anthems!

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MUNA and Meet Me @ The Altar

MUNA made a stop in Dallas last week as a part of their “MUNA Saves The World” tour. They brought their larger-than-life confidence along with their electro-pop bangers to a sold-out swarm of fans at the Echo Lounge and Music Hall. The setlist centered around their newest self-titled album, while sprinkling in plenty of crowd favorites and older classics from previous records. They’re supported on this tour by Meet Me @ The Altar, an increasingly popular American pop-punk band, who brought plenty of energy and artistry to kick off the night. 

There are only a few shows left before MUNA kicks off their European leg of the tour, so make sure to catch them while you can! 

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Rico Nasty at Oakland Arena

American rapper, singer, and songwriter, Rico Nasty, opened for Kehlani’s sold-out show at the Oakland Arena, bringing a lot of excitement and energy to the crowd. After much anticipation built up by an AI voice chanting, “Rico Nasty,” the artist herself ran onto the stage tossing her hair back and forth while rapping the lyrics to several of her hit songs. The audience sang along as she performed the lyrics to several of her songs including “Tia Tamera” and “Smack A Bitch.” Rico Nasty’s infectious energy brought people who were seated in the crowd to stand up and even if they didn’t know the lyrics, dance along to songs such as “Poppin” and “Rage.” 

Enjoy this gallery of photos from Rico Nasty’s performance and check out her latest album, Las Ruinas

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Kehlani at Oakland Arena

Kehlani’s latest tour, Blue Water Road, stopped for a hometown show at the Oakland Arena last Friday. The R&B artist made a spectacular return home to Oakland, CA, completely selling out the nearly 20,000-person venue. The setlist mainly included songs from Kehlani’s latest album, Blue Water Road, along with their second most recent album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which was released in 2020.

Despite the large size of the venue, the show felt personal and intimate, as Kehlani’s performance commenced with short video clips of their 3-year-old daughter, Adeya, projected on the stage. The stage was dressed with minimal sheer, white sheets to give the show an organic and authentic feel. Kehlani made an entrance with the first song on their setlist, “Little Story,” wearing a monochrome orange outfit. Alongside Kehlani were a group of four dancers wearing all white and performing swift dance movements.

Throughout the night, Kehlani stopped between songs to mention that this was the “best day ever” and that they were so thankful to all their fans for being here and making their career possible. Towards the end of the show, Kehlani brought out the tour photographer to take a “group” photo with the thousands of dedicated fans in the audience. This photo would serve as a comparison to a photo that had been taken 8 years ago at The New Parish in Oakland, a much smaller, 250-capacity venue that hosted one of Kehlani’s first shows.

Enjoy this gallery of photos from last week’s show!

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renforshort and Justus Bennetts

Toronto native and rising star renforshort brought her first North American headline tour to Brooklyn on Wednesday, September 28. Performing at Baby’s All Right, she was supported by Justus Bennetts, who has quite quickly made a name for himself in the industry.

With over 200 million streams generated in less than a year and 600k followers on Tiktok, it’s safe to say that Bennetts has made his mark on the pop scene. His music is perfect for anyone who has ever felt out of place or isolated, mixing hip-hop, rock, and R&B to document his experiences with the insecurity of adolescence. 

His quick success hasn’t gotten to his head though. Bennetts performed an energetic and entertaining set, including his viral hits “Cool Kids”, “Bad Day”, and a cover of The Killers “Mr. Brightside”. Even when faced with technical difficulties, the artist remained positive and showcased his goofy side, constantly making the crowd laugh.

Once Bennetts wrapped up his set, the sold out crowd loudly began chattering. Numerous concert goers were overheard discussing how they came out to see renforshort before she hit the mainstream and “made it big”.

As her intro music came on, the crowd whipped out their phones to document her grand entrance. Confidently walking onto the stage, the artist began her set with the lights off, slowly building them up to full brightness. As the night progressed, it became evident that the 20-year-old felt at home on stage.

The young artists set list was full of emotionally charged anthems such as “afterthoughts”, “hate the way you love me”, and a lovely cover of the Pixies “Where Is My Mind?”, all punctuated by her voice, which is reminiscent of Billie Eilish.

In a true testament to her skills, she was unphased during several technical issues. Towards the beginning of her set, the artist’s guitar wasn’t turned on, yet she continued to “play” and nonchalantly made a joke out of the situation right after. Towards the middle of the performance, her microphone randomly turned off, which made her giggle.

“This room is so small, I bet you can hear me even without the mic in between songs huh?” the artist laughed.

Though it was her first North American headline tour, renforshort showcased a level of professionalism that typically takes years to finesse. It’s clear why so many attendees predict that she will blow up in no time, though you could argue that with over 11 million streams on her single “fuck, i luv my friends”, renforshort has already made quite the name for herself.

Listen to her latest single “moshpit”, which has already garnered widespread acclaim from major outlets such as Billboard, OnesToWatch, and NME.