Concert Photography

Katelyn Tarver at Mercury Lounge

Katelyn Tarver kicked off her headline tour at Mercury Lounge in New York City on Tuesday, December 7. 

The L.A. based singer-songwriter is no stranger to the spotlight. She began her career in entertainment by starring in TV shows such as Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and HBO’s Ballers. It was only natural that Tarver transitioned into a music career after appearing on NBC’s primetime show Songland. The show puts undiscovered songwriters in front of top recording artists and producers, giving them a platform to pitch their original creations. Tarver ultimately went on to win the show in 2019, thus launching her music career. 

Tarver’s confidence and command of the stage is impressive, albeit not surprising given her background. Throughout her set, she interspersed comedic anecdotes and casually interacted with the crowd. The artist shared that performing to a live audience was a bit nerve wracking since she hadn’t toured for a few years and was so used to performing to a ring light and a computer for her Instagram live shows.

Tarver’s nerves quickly dissolved and were replaced with a quiet sense of confidence. Her relaxed demeanor allowed the crowd to settle in comfortably and become active participants in Tarver’s set. While the artist shared stories in between songs, various members of the crowd interjected with their responses and even asked questions. One question that stood out was one about Tarver’s age. Looking surprised, she responded with a playful scolding and laughed as she said, “I’m older than you’d think”. 

Though her career is already full of major milestones and years of success, Katelyn Tarver shows no signs of stopping. Following the massive success of “You Don’t Know”, which has amassed over 57 million streams, Tarver released a new album on November 12.  Listen to her album, Subject To Change, here

Katelyn Tarver is currently completing a short run of headline tour dates and will be opening for JOHNNYSWIM on his spring 2022 tour. Find tickets and dates for all of Tarver’s tour dates here

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