Is music trendy now? //

Flared pants, little shirts, tote bags, hair clips, thrifting… 

These are all clear trends that stem from the fashion industry. 

But there is no line that can’t be crossed when it comes to trends. Tik Tok has been a huge contributor to its current rise. Depending on your algorithm, your FYP (For You Page) constantly funnels out the next fad of whatever you’re into in that everyone seems to love hopping on the bandwagon. 

When it comes to the music industry, this has made a huge impact on unknown singer-songwriters looking for an outlet and trying to gain enough attention for A&Rs to find them. They’ll find a trend that seems to be picking up, put their creative take on it, and find themselves on a major label’s radar in an instant.

While some have argued that the music made from trends have no use and will die out quickly, the plus side is the current new take of modern music has been entertaining to watch and has introduced a lot of people to newer, unknown artists. 

Here are some of the my favorite trends in music right now: 


  • The overuse of Synth leads and 80s drum patterns have inspired a lot of artists these past couple of years. You can hear 80s inspired music in 2022 from the entire DAWN FM – The Weeknd Album, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album, Harry Styles channels his ‘a-ha’ moment with the release of As It Was.
  • My personal favorite 80s inspired song is from a VERY talented upcoming artist, Amber Ais – Ordinary

POP PUNK (Angrier tho)  

  • I’m pretty sure we’ve all wanted to be in a band or were obsessed with them at some point. Artists had the chance to channel their inner emo kid during this movement. In Olivia Rodrigo’s breakup anthem, good 4 u, or in Willow Smith’s entire discography. 
  • My personal favorite POP PUNK inspired song is between Leah Kate’s 10 Things I Hate About You or Tate McRae’s she’s all i wanna be. 


  • The biggest success story I’ve seen to this day was from LA based singer and producer, ASTN, on his incredibly sultry version of Billie Eilishs’ Happier Than Ever

SONGS TO SCREAM TO IN YOUR CAR (with your besties)

  • This isn’t necessarily a specific style of music that people are following. The trend is to sit in your car, explain your song, and prove why it’s good enough to be on aux worthy while driving through a tunnel while screaming it. This generally consists of angry breakup anthems or broken hearted ballads, no in-between. 

Mine is, abcdefu – Gayle or my favorite, EatSpit – Slushpuppy ft. Royal & The Serpent.

You can find my favorite takes on music trends on my beloved CROWDSURFER COLLECTIONS playlist on Spotify <3.

By Sonca Nguyen

Writer and Curator for Crowdsurfer Magazine

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