Concert Photography

The Band Camino in Dallas

Returning from a short tour hiatus brought about by vocal strain for band member Jeffery Jordan, The Band Camino’s sold out show in Dallas did not disappoint. It was evidently clear that the band was ecstatic to be back performing – they played with all the urgency and energy pent up from the Phoenix show they were forced to cancel just days before picking back up in Dallas.

The band powered through a 20-something song setlist with incredible energy and stamina, only occasionally taking their foot off the gas to share a couple of intimate moments with the crowd. Jordan admitted that the Dallas show was special, mentioning that besides Nashville where the band has their roots, Dallas is their most played city – a second home, of sorts. 

The Tour Camino is the band’s first headline tour since 2019. They played plenty of tunes from their newest self-titled album along with fan favorites like “Daphne Blue” and “See Through” from their 2019 release, Tryhard. With sold-out venues filled with fans who sing along to every song, it’s clear that the group amassed a larger following over the pandemic. 

Backed by killer openers, Hastings and Flor, The Tour Camino is one you don’t want to miss. If you’re able to catch one of their shows, you’re in for a night of singing, dancing, and everything good about live music. Check out the photos below from the show. Images by Natalie Perez.

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