Concert Photography

Sub Urban at SummerStage

Eclectic alt-pop singer Sub Urban warmed up the crowd for AURORA at New York’s SummerStage in Central Park on June 4th.

Blending together dark pop sounds layered with circus themes and catchy trap inspired beats, the artist fully immersed himself in the performance. It’s clear that the musician, who averages over 10 million global weekly streams, was extremely comfortable on stage. That is, outside of his decision to wear a black cropped sweater and jeans on an 80 degree summer day. 

Despite making multiple remarks about regretting his outfit choice, the artist didn’t let the heat deter him from fully immersing himself in dance. The diverse crowd, ranging from parents with young children to groups of young adults, embraced the energy and joined in on the dancing. As the show progressed, Sub Urban went full camp and began using distorted vocal effects reminiscent of V for Vendetta, with a sly smile as he did so.

Sub Urban, who has surpassed 1.5 billion streams worldwide, released his major label debut album, HIVE, the day before the show. Listen to HIVE on Spotify and enjoy photos from his performance below. 

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