Concert Photography

MGK at Oakland Arena

Machine Gun Kelly’s show in Oakland, CA kicked off with much anticipation and excitement as fans turned heads to watch him fly from the back of the arena onto the main stage in a giant pink helicopter. While hanging from the helicopter, MGK opened his show by singing “born with horns.” As he approached the black-and-white checkered stage, he grabbed his guitar and began to sing “God Save Me.” 

Throughout the show, he kept the energy fun and light by running through the crowd and even mentioning how much he loves Northern California’s weed. In between performing hits from his most recent album, Mainstream Sellout, along with his two previous albums, Tickets To My Downfall, and Hotel Diablo, MGK talked about the negative impact that the internet has had on his life. He advised his large crowd of fans to not let the internet tell them who they should be. The 26-song set closed out with a bang as MGK sang “twin flame” and simultaneously, flames erupted from the back of the stage. 

Enjoy these photos from the show! 

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