Sara Kays at Launchpad

American singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation, Sara Kays, opened for MAX at Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday night, giving us a taste of the intimate show that was coming next.

Throughout her set, Sara’s artistry as a solo songwriter shined through her beautifully raw and soft vocals. She also displayed her talent as a guitarist and ukulele player through her soulful acoustic set. She played a mix of both previously released and new songs and surprised the crowd with a cover of a “song about bugs!”

“I think you all know this one,” Sara said before she started to sing Owl City’s “Firefly.” And as soon as she began singing it, the crowd went wild!

Throughout her set, Sara was super interactive with the crowd, telling them about her inspiration behind her lyrics. “Have you ever been walking on the sidewalk with a group of friends, and there’s not enough space for all of you to walk side by side, so you have to step off or walk behind everyone else?” Sara asked the crowd. “Yes!” they replied. “Well, that’s never been me, but this next song is about you guys,” Sara jokingly said causing the crowd to burst out in laughter before she began playing “Chosen Last.”

Next, Sara played a song that resonated with many individuals in the crowd. She explained that the lyrics summarized her experiences with body dysmorphia and wanting to fit into society’s standards of beauty. “Let’s get in our feels before MAX comes out and makes us forget sad,” she said as she began a beautifully emotional performance of “Smaller Than This.”

“Before MAX comes on, I have one more sad song for you guys” she said before ending her set with the song that started it all for her, “Remember That Night.

Sara Kays put on a great opening show for those who came to see MAX in Albuquerque. Not only was her performance, vocally, musically, and lyrically, on par, but her interaction with the crowd was intimate, relatable, and fun. Sara Kays is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what comes next from her!

Make sure to stream Sara Kay’s here and give her a follow on socials @sarakaysmusic.


MAX at Launchpad

Have you ever listened to MAX’s “Basement Party” and wondered what it would be like to be at that party with him? Well, MAX took the stage at Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday night and to say that it was the best basement party is truly an understatement!

The show started with a beautiful set by Sara Kays, which got the crowd up on their feet and ready for the big show coming next. The venue buzzed with anticipation and excitement as the lights started to flash, signaling MAX’s arrival to the stage. The crowd went wild as he ran on stage and started his set singing “Wasabi” from his newest album, Color Vision.

“The vibes are so good in here! You’re a small crowd, but you are LOUD! I like it, I like it,” MAX told the audience. With a crowd of about a hundred people, those who attended experienced a super intimate show. MAX constantly interacted with the fans, whether that be drawing out some tattoo designs on a poster, taking a selfie with a fan, or just having fun conversations with everyone throughout the show.  

It truly felt as though we were just hanging out with MAX and having a little party, dancing and singing along to our favorite songs. The crowd became a part of each song as MAX gave them a chance to shout out the lyrics, resulting in a constant back and forth between them all night.

Before he went down memory lane with a nostalgic track from Nickelodeon’s Rags, Max sincerely thanked everyone there saying, “whether you’ve been with me since the very beginning, starting ten years ago, or if you’re a new fan, I’m so grateful for every single one of you!” He went on to sing the intro of “Someday” for his OG fans.

“This next song is definitely fitting for this venue, its small and it feels like we’re having a ‘Basement Party,’Max told the crowd. And this track had everyone jumping and having a good time. Before performing one of his most popular songs, he said “For the next one, I want to see a sea of lights because this song is called ‘Lights Down Low.’” When MAX thought the crowd couldn’t get any louder, they proved him wrong during this song!

If you are ever looking to attend a show that will leave you a hundred and ten percent satisfied, MAX is the way to go. MAX really knows how to put on a performance that will only leave you wanting more! Make sure to stream MAX’s music here and catch him live in a city near you. He puts on a show that you surely won’t want to miss!


Noah Cyrus at The Historic El Rey Theater

After four years, Noah Cyrus has returned to the stage for The Hardest Part Tour, and we’ve never been more excited! On Wednesday night, Noah performed for a sold-out crowd at The Historic El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, NM with a beautiful and heartfelt opening performance by gigi.

Excitement and anticipation circulated through the crowd as they chanted “Noah! Noah! Noah!” moments before the singer came on stage. Noah made an entrance with the first song on the setlist, Noah (Stand Still), wearing a stunning red leather dress. With a minimally dressed stage, Noah and her riveting vocals were surely the stars of the show.

The setlist mainly included songs from her debut studio album, The Hardest Part which was released last month, as well as from THE END OF EVERYTHING released in 2020.  Noah surprised the crowd by playing Again and Make Me (Cry) for her OG fans. The smaller venue allowed the crowd to feel a more intimate and personal connection with Noah as they sang along with her.

Throughout the night, Noah stopped between songs saying, “I am so happy to be on stage with you guys.” She was not afraid to get personal while sharing her struggles and mental battles that led to the creation of her new album, saying, “I was almost afraid and felt like I was running away from creating this album, but I was really just running away from myself. I had a lot of time to work on myself while writing this album.”

Noah ended the show with a three-song encore that included an emotional performance of Lonely where everyone in the crowd sang their heart out. Noah put on a great show for her fans and left them wanting more by the end of it.

Make sure to stream Noah’s album The Hardest Part here and catch her live in a city near you. She puts on a show that you surely won’t want to miss!


Talking “SCP” with OAKMAN

Have you heard of OAKMAN? If you haven’t, chances are, you will soon! This talented French pop/rock trio has had a big week, as they released their third EP, SCP, on September 30th. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with lead singer/guitarist Marine and drummer Jesse about their new music. Check it out below.

Crowdsurfer: Give us a background about who you are and how you got started as a band.

Jesse: Hi! I’m Jesse, I play the drums. I started music with my brother Geremia who is our bass guitarist. Music was a big part of our family as my dad played music and was part of a band. We grew up in this environment of music and live concerts, so it was a normal thing for us. We picked up playing instruments at a young age and started playing as a trio with my dad.

Geremia and Marine met during high school. At that time, I was in college in a different city in France. Geremia and Marine played music together for fun. I thought they had a really nice taste of music. Later, they decided to start taking their music seriously as a duo. Afterwards, they came to my city, and we started something that we now call OAKMAN.

CS: Your third EP SCP came out yesterday! What did you to celebrate?

Jesse: I would say like French people, we went to a French restaurant and had a couple of glasses of wine with our close friends and team. We wanted to celebrate as a little committee in a restaurant. It was fun and we definitely ate too much!

CS: Tell me a little bit about the inspiration for the new EP.

Marine: The inspiration for SCP came from many different things. During the pandemic, we listened to many different artists including Phoenix, CHVRCHES, and The Weeknd. Even though I’m not much of a pop listener, I do love Dua Lipa, her music is really cool. All these influences, plus all the pop punk bands we’ve listened to in the past, inspired our new sound and this EP.

CS: You said your sound changed. Can you tell us about that and how this EP is different from anything you’ve done before?

Marine: So now we have more synth vibes than before. I have always wanted to experiment with these types of sounds, but I didn’t really have the time or the money. During the pandemic, I still didn’t have the money, but I had the time to experiment, so I decided to explore with analog music. It was a cool experience, and it gave me the chance to add new elements to our music, which is something I have always wanted to do. The pandemic was a good time for me to try new things.

Jessie:  Also, we had more experience as people and as musicians after touring which gave us the freedom to experiment with new things. Our previous music was raw, with just the three of us with and our instruments. Marine started to produce our songs more and more and developed that skill. Which also gave us an opportunity to experiment in new ways and bring different sounds into this EP.

CS: Why did you pick SCP as the title track and why is it so special to you?

Marine: We chose SCP, which stands for Sugar Coated Pill, as the title track because it encapsulated all the different emotions you can find in the entirety of the EP. The song represents the kind of sweet but also spicy and crazy part of life as well as the fears many of us have. We felt that SCP was a song that represented all the emotions we cover throughout the EP.

CS: Your song “Murder” talks about a difficult subject that many people experience. Why did you feel it was important to write this song?

Marine: When I was writing this song, I didn’t know that I was going to talk about this topic. I always wanted to talk about this, but I never felt like I had the perfect song to do it.  But after I wrote the first few sentences, deep in my thoughts/ I murder you for once, I started to think it was a good song for this subject.

CS: Who came up with the vision/idea for the music video for “Murder” and what inspired the idea?

Jesse: Marine, she’s the boss!

Marine: When I thought about “Murder,” I pictured somebody running away from something or someone, like their murderer. I wanted to go further into the idea of what would happen if the roles were swapped –  the idea of the murderer becoming the victim and the victim becoming the murderer. I felt like this would be a more interesting concept because we always talk about the victim and the murderer, but sometimes the victim wants his/her revenge. So, I thought it would be more interesting to see it from this point of view and see the emotions that overtake the victim.

CS: You guys did such a great job on the video, we loved it!

Jesse: Thank you! It was pretty tough to shoot because it was outside and pretty cold. We wrapped at 6 am! But it was worth it!

CS: Switching it up a bit, who is your dream collaboration?

Marine: I have too many! I would love to collaborate with Phoenix and Dayglow!

Jesse: I never thought about this, but maybe Fatherson or I’d really love to collaborate with Enter Shikari!  I think that would be a great mix because they are kind of crazy with their music.

CS: Who would you love to go on tour with?

Marine: Pheonix!

Jesse: Yeah! They are pretty big and maybe it would be easier for us to communicate with them and link up because they are French.  I really like Manchester Orchestra but is like a different type of music. Honestly, I would like to tour with any pop punk or pop band. Touring with CHVRCHES would be amazing!

Marine: Yeah! CHVRCHES would be really cool!

CS: What do you hope people get from listening to your music?

Marine: I hope they get hope and motivation in their life and I hope they love the EP! I don’t know, this is always a hard question because I can’t speak for other people, but I hope they feel what we wanted to transmit through this EP. We hope they feel the emotions and see the authenticity that we wanted to share with them.

Jesse: As people, we are musicians, we are a band. But, we are also listeners like everybody else and we have our favorite bands and artists. So as a band, the most important thing for us it to try to recreate what we like about our favorite songs and artists. When you listen to a new song or watch the music videos, you are so into it. We want people to feel connected to us and we hope to build a bond with our fans through our music. Music is emotions – its’ happiness, it’s sadness. Music represents life. As a band we create music, but when we release it, it’s for people, it’s not only for us anymore.

CS: If you could go back in time and give yourself a piece of advice, what would you say?

Jesse: Work more!

Marine: That’s a good one!

Jesse: Sometimes I’m a bit lazy, you know. When you don’t see the results you want after working so hard to obtain a goal, sometimes you just stop and abandon the idea. I am that type of person. So, I would tell myself “Just go! Do it!” But I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people like me, so I am not alone!

CS: No, you definitely are not!

Marine: I would tell myself to be more confident about our music. Sometimes when we compose a song, we have some doubts and sometimes we feel like its not worth it. The song can be good, but we always have doubts. And I want to get to a place where we can be more confident and take more risks.

CS: What are some of your plans for the rest of this year and onward?

Jesse: Our EP came out yesterday, so we’d like to have the opportunity to defend our it on stage and play live shows. We will have some shows in France of course, but we’d like to tour Europe and the UK, and we’d love to go to the US and do a bigger tour there.

CS: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans or mention?

Marine: You can listen to our new EP SCP on Spotify! Add our songs to your playlists. Any support means the world to us!

Jesse: Thank you for your support! You guys adding us on social media, chatting with us, buying merch, just everything, really means so much to us as a band. We need that support to keep pushing further and creating new music.

You can stream SCP here and make sure to keep up with OAKMAN Band on Instagram and Tik Tok. You’ll definitely want to keep them on your radar!

Music News

5 Seconds of Summer: 5SOS5

After months of anticipation and excitement, Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer has finally dropped their fifth studio album, fittingly titled 5SOS5.

The album is a collection of nineteen tracks that take us through “a journey of friendship, brotherhood, and an exploration of self-identity.”  The quartet is incredibly proud of this album as it marks the first time they have released anything independently since their first EP Somewhere New in 2012.

5SOS released their fourth album CALM in March 2020. Due to a series of unfortunate events, they were unable to tour following the release. However, they took this as an opportunity to grow and decide where they wanted to go as a band. During the pandemic, they packed up their instruments and took a trip to Joshua Tree where their fifth record was brought to life.

The band was looking to create something they have never done before. They wanted to break free of the shackles that were limiting them to one sound. In Joshua Tree, they decided to close a chapter and greet a new beginning. This album enabled the boys to enter a new “era focused on creative freedom and liberation of the bands truest voice to date.”

Complete Mess is the first track and single of the album. They wrote the song on their first day in Joshua Tree and revealed it took them an hour to write. The boys state, “this song was the first time in the writing process that the band really felt we got it right. We had found our sound and knew what we were aiming for.” The song opens with the whimsical chirping of birds, transporting us to Joshua tree and setting the tone for the rest of the album.

Throughout the album, we really get a taste of 5SOS’s new sound. We get a mix of soft rock, slow-tempo electro-pop, and four-part vocal harmonies. The album has some of the band’s strongest, most vulnerable, and beautifully written lyrics accompanied by brilliant instrumentals that give each track its own uniqueness. The lyrics are nostalgic and tender and display the band’s newfound maturity. Each song encapsulates the emotions and experiences shared between the band and their fans throughout their journeys of growing up.

We also get tracks led by each band member, giving us a chance to better understand the stories of each of them. They gave us an opportunity to see the growth of each member and connect with them on a deeper level as we sing along to their experiences of heartache, friendship, and struggling with self-identity.

Although they have established a new sound, they included tracks that “gave an ode” to their “older sound in a tasteful way.” We get a reinvention of the experiences of toxic relationships and heartbreak through Bad Omens and Bleach. We also see a struggle with mental health and self discovery in Emotions, TEARS!, and CAROUSEL. Through beautifully raw and emotional lyrics, Older, Take My Hand, and Moodswings explore the complexity of love.

Through this record, 5SOS has shown the world that they are not afraid to experiment with new genres and sounds. They prioritize producing and performing music that makes the band happy, which ultimately maintains their authenticity and enables their creativity to flourish. Switching it up sonically has proven to keep 5SOS new and fresh. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin have shown a tremendous amount of growth as musicians. And 5SOS5 did an excellent job at encompassing the band’s raw talent.

You can stream 5SOS5 here and make sure to follow 5SOS on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to stay up to date with what’s coming next!