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mehro and Dermot Kennedy at Moody Amphitheater

If you wanted to hear some jaw-dropping vocals, heartbreaking lyrics and soothing melodies, Moody Amphitheater was the place to be last night. Musicians mehro and Dermot Kennedy performed their hits to a lively crowd, complete with swaying vocals, guitars and crowd chanting choruses. See the photos below, taken by Gaby Deimeke.

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Security Threat at Sabrina Carpenter Show

Sabrina Carpenter fans were asked to head home last night in Portland after a “credible security threat” was realized by local authorities, causing Sabrina to cancel her show just minutes before she was to go on stage.

The opening band Spill Tab had performed, and Sabrina had also performed a soundcheck for VIP ticketholders. Around 10pm, a staff member told fans that the show would not go on, and that the fans would receive refunds. “I am so sorry. I love you very much,” Sabrina tweeted to fans.

“Employees with the Crystal Ballroom called after they received a phone call from an anonymous person claiming they were going to blow up the venue,” says Nathan Sheppart of the Portland Police Bureau.

An AEG rep also said, “While the threat was not directed at Keller Auditorium specifically, Sabrina and event organizers agreed that out of an abundance of caution, the show be called off. Steps were taken to ensure that the audience exited the venue calmly, quickly, and safely.”

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Jonas Brothers Announce 2nd Yankee Stadium Show

This morning was the presale for The Jonas Brothers’ August 12th show at Yankee Stadium, where they announced they would be playing songs from all five of their albums in a spectacular night called “One Night Only.”

They can’t call it that anymore, because after Yankee Stadium sold out during the presale, the group said that due to incredible demand, they would be adding a second night on Sunday, August 13th.

The general sale for the added show will be on Friday, April 14, at 10 a.m. ET via The Citi cardmembers and Verizon presale are on Wednesday, April 12, at 10 a.m. ET.

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Taylor Swift’s Love Life is None of Our Business

Taylor Swift has been ridiculed, lied about, made fun of, and downright hated in the media since she became famous nearly two decades ago. There was the narrative that she was a “serial dater” that all her exes became material for songs, there was the Kim and Kanye “snake” drama, and a million micro aggressions alluding to her weight, her fashion, and every little thing about her.

So, even though all the major “news” sources are writing about it, are tweeting about it, are using it for clout and clicks, we will not be commenting on Taylor’s love life. Taylor’s personal life is just that: her personal business. Not our business. And although we feel like we know her through the song lyrics she writes, we don’t know everything about Taylor. We know one side of her, the celebrity side. And so whether or not this is true, we’ll let Taylor talk about it when she is comfortable and ready to. And for now, we’ll sing along to Eras Tour videos and stream Midnights.


Elderbrook at Emo’s

Last night, Erez, ford. and Elderbrook brought the groove to Emo’s in Austin, Texas. Elderbrook kept the audience entranced with a steady stream of melodic beats and a strong stage presence, impressively singing while also mixing on two consoles–providing not only production but also a performance. He adjusted synth pads and played keyboards while cycling through danceable song after danceable song. One notable song mid-way through the set that the crowd particularly loved was the catchy tune “I’ll Be Around.” Elderbrook came back for an encore and closed the house with “All My Love.” Check out the photos below, taken by Gaby Deimeke.

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Arlington, Texas turned into a Swiftie party this weekend as Gayle, Muna and Taylor Swift graced the stage for the iconic Eras Tour. Taylor played hits from all of her Eras and put on a spectacular show. Check out the photos below, taken by Gaby Deimeke.


Looking Through A Broken Window with Woodward and Parker

Austin, Texas based band Woodward and Parker chatted with us about how they got started, where they gather inspiration, and the process of making their latest album. Check it out below for all the details, and links to their music at the end.

Crowdsurfer: How did you come to play together as a band?

Woodward and Parker: We started as friends in college at St. Edward’s, and for the first few years we would play music together, occasionally showing each other songs we were writing. When we were seniors we decided to try making music together as a group, but all we really had were three guitarists. So instead of looking for other people to play bass, drums and keys, Christian got a drum set, Julian got a keyboard, Alan got a bass, and they set about learning to play them as we were writing songs together. I think that really helped us get closer as friends and make the music we wanted to with each other and for each other. 

CS: What was your goal with creating your newest album, Through A Broken Window?

W&P: For a couple years a few of us rented an old house together in North Austin. We had an extra room we weren’t using, so we turned it into a recording studio.  That’s where we recorded Carriage House, and as we were approaching the last year of our lease we knew we wanted to get at least one more project out of that space we spent so much time and effort to build for the band. We also had watched ourselves mature as artists and musicians, and we really wanted to create something that would showcase that development. I think TABW accomplishes that, sonically, lyrically, and in terms of production value. 

CS: How is this sonically different from your first album, Carriage House?

W&P: Probably our biggest practical goal with recording this new album was to capture the feeling of our music when we play it live. To do that, we recorded the drums, bass and rhythm guitar for every track at one time with 8 microphones running on two audio interfaces. We also didn’t use a metronome on any of the songs because we wanted them to flow and breathe more naturally. From a songwriting perspective, this album is a lot more cohesive and explores darker themes and arrangements than on our previous recordings. 

CS: What’s your songwriting process like?

W&P: Generally our process for this album was to take outlines of songs that Bennett and Christian had written and spend hours in the studio together trying to flesh them out into a full, five-piece arrangement. Working on them all together like that was difficult and often frustrating, but I think it led us to a more cohesive artistic sound. 

CS: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Christian: I pull inspiration from small moments in my life that involve the people close to me. I really try to put parts of myself in the songs that I write. It’s very cathartic.

Alan: I find that music is a way for me to understand the external world internally, and for me to express my internal world externally. 

Julian: I was inspired by the darker themes on the album. I tried to lean into the feeling of being happy in the dark. 

Bennett: I drew inspiration from the urban environments around me and my connection to them, as well as the macabre – which can frequently have a lot in common. 

Kenny: I found inspiration by sitting out in nature with my guitar, under the pecan tree in our backyard, watching as the seasons changed. 

CS: What’s next?

W&P: You’ll have to stay tuned to find out: we’ve got a lot of things coming.

You can check out Woodwind and Parker on Instagram and Spotify:

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Illfest Daily Lineup Is Here

A surprisingly impressive lineup just dropped from local Austin, Texas music festival Illfest. Featuring over 50 EDM artists over 4 stages, and not complete without crazy visuals and art installations, this will for sure be the place to be in September.

We’re most excited to see Louis the Child, Jai Wolf, Slander, and Boogie T on Saturday, and Cheat Codes, Chromeo, Griz, Madeon and Kayzo on Sunday. Check out the lineup below for the full list of acts, and head to to grab tickets.


Luck Reunion

Luck Reunion is a one-day, laid back country music festival turned musical family reunion hosted by the Willie Nelson Family and held on their private ranch in Luck, Texas, just outside of Austin. Held on St. Patrick’s day, this was the 10 year anniversary for Luck Reunion, and we thought it was a heck of a good time.

The backdrop for the music is actually an old western movie set — it was built in 1975 and served as the backdrop for the film adaptation of Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger. The biggest names in Texas outlaw music appeared, including Charlie Crockett, Vincent Neil Emerson, a surprise performance from Jason Isbell, and of course a headlining set from Willie Nelson and his sons. 

There was an open bar for all who purchased tickets to the event, along with food trucks and free Melt ice creams and Topo Chico to quench your thirst during the heat of the day. The VIP area had a Gibson guitar pop-up, a tattoo artist, signed guitars, fresh Oysters, and tintype photos. Folks sported country western fashion, with cowboy hats, boots and everything in between. 

One of our personal favorite moments were the stripped down acoustic shows from Tre Burt and Vincent Neil Emerson, held in a small chapel that held less than 50 people, and another in a two-story saloon. 

A popular choice for shopping was the little shop selling “Willie’s Remedy” and various hemp products, along with a “Weed Legal” neon sign. Across the dirt road, a barn held a display of artifacts and photos from previous years at the ranch.

It was a perfect summer day in Texas for live music and a fun day overall, a breath of fresh air and a step outside from the chaotic SXSW events this week. To end the night, Willie got a lively reaction from the crowd by singing this song during his headlining set— “If I die when I’m high, I’ll be halfway to heaven.”


Matroda at the Church