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Artist Interview: Give Me A Reason

Zurich based pop-punk band Give Me A Reason has a brand new single called Sad and we’re loving it. We asked the band a few questions about the new song, new music in the works, and plans for the future. Check out the interview below!

Crowdsurfer Mag: We’re obsessed with “Sad” and the music video! We heard it was shot at the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Germany. What was the filming process like and how long did it take to film? It must have been a ton of fun!

Give Me A Reason: It was a pretty exhausting day, since we shot for 17h straight, but we got an amazing video out of it, and something you’ll find out very soon! Marc, from Stardust Visuals, did an amazing job, and made it so easy for us! It was a great experience.

CS: What has the response been to the single and music video and what has that meant to you guys? 

GMAR: We got a great response to the track and the music-video, we really didn’t expect this reaction! We are overwhelmed and extremely thankful!

CS: You’ve been compared to All Time Low and incorporating pop/punk vibes in your music. Who are some of your musical influences? What are your favorite artists/songs at the moment?

GMAR: To be compared with All Time Low is unbelievable, since we’re such an upcoming band and we listen to ATL since the beginning. We’re listening to bands like Neck Deep, State Champs and Point North, plus many more, on a regular basis. We also had different influences which go beyond the type of music we make, like Chase Atlantic, Røyls and The Band Camino.

CS: Tell us about flying to LA to record your new music. What was the songwriting and recording process like? Where do you find inspiration?

GMAR: It was an extraordinarily experience to fly out to the ultimate pop-punk city LA. The city itself gave us a lot of inspiration, to be in a different environment – One of the things that helped the process a lot, was meditating, because it helped us reset our minds and made us focus on the direction we wanted to move towards.

We had the great honor to work with Blake Roses, producer at Pastel Recording and former vocalist of “Oh, Weatherly”. We wrote and recorded eight songs in nine days, and we didn’t feel any pressure at any time. 

CS: What are you most excited about for the release of Vice Versa?

GMAR: We’re looking forward to showing everyone what we’ve been working on for so long. We can’t wait to share the experience that we have, when we play the songs in the bandroom, with everyone at the live shows. 

CS: Are you working on any more covers/new music during quarantine?

GMAR: Maaaaaaaybe, just stay tuned!

CS: Anything else you want to share?

GMAR: While answering this interview we were all sitting in our underwear, and i don’t know why.

You can check out Give Me A Reason on Instagram here and YouTube here, and definitely go listen to their new single, Sad!

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