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Eskimo Callboy takes on 2020 with new EP “MMXX”

German metalcore band Eskimo Callboy is back with a whole lotta new! New EP, new singer, new chapter. And even a new tour next year. They’re latest single “Hypa Hypa” is their second most-streamed song of all time on Spotify, so you know “MMXX” is going to be a fan favorite. And for those unfamiliar with Roman numerals, MMXX means 2020. We’ll take this EP as a positive piece of this insane year!

“MMXX” leads off with “Hypa Hypa,” which is an incredible mix of EDM and metal. If you haven’t seen the music video, watching it is a must. The video and song are so much fun, you’ll be headbanging to it regardless if metal is your kind of music or not!

Photos provided by The Orchard

“Hate/Love” is a personal favorite off of the EP. It keeps up the dance vibes that “Hypa Hypa” lead off with, with just enough screaming. And as we move through the rest of the EP – “MC Thunder II,” “Monsieur Moustache,” and “Dramaqueen,” – the music gets more aggressive. It’s a well-done blend of going from lighter to heavier, somehow balancing these vastly different genres of electronic and metalcore.

The EP wraps up with “Prism,” which is a surprisingly pretty song. It’s not at all how I expected “MMXX” to end, but I do hope that the year of 2020 goes similarly: soft and sweet. Was that Eskimo Callboy’s intent with this EP, to reflect the moods of this year? Whether it was or not, you’re in for a ride when you take a listen to “MMXX!”

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