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P1Harmony at Opry House

February 12, 2023 was a night to remember – and not because of the Super Bowl – as P1Harmony became the first K-pop band to play the historic Grand Ole Opry in Music City. Their setlist included songs across their discography, including “Back Down” and “BFF” from their latest EP Harmony: Set In, as well as favorites from past releases such as “Doom Du Doom” and “Follow Me,” the latter in which the crowd was delightfully shocked when streamer cannons shot off towards the end of the song.

Being in Nashville, the band naturally thought to give a shout out to country music. Soul decided to sing an a capella rendition of “Home on the Range,” which was hilarious and at the same time beautiful, and the entire audience sang along with smiles on their faces.

The band acknowledged that it was Super Bowl Sunday, and everyone could have been at home watching Rihanna play. But they weren’t, so P1Harmony was grateful to their fans for being there. Judging by the cheers, deafening screams, and dancing throughout the concert, we don’t think it was a tough decision for them.

Concert Photography Reviews

Tove Lo // Dirt Femme Tour

Tove Lo kicked off her North American Dirt Femme Tour in Music City with a sold out show at the historic Ryman Auditorium. She started the night with high energy, opening with “Pineapple Slice” before moving into “Attention Whore,” both songs off of her latest album Dirt Femme. She then laid down some ground rules for us before continuing, which included dancing with her, crying with her, and feeling sexy at least once.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the wardrobe! Tove Lo started the night in her iconic golden piece most notably featuring faux nudity, and later changed into a sparkling, fringe-covered outfit with rips all the way up and down the pants. Tove Lo commented on her wardrobe after singing “Grapefruit,” a powerful song about her past experience with disordered eating and her relationship with her body. She told us how it was a long journey, but “I’m glad I did the work,” and that now she is clearly “comfortable being half-naked on stage.” She reminded us that her concerts were a place where she wants everyone to be themselves, resulting in cheers and hugs in the audience.

The setlist included songs from each of her albums, but a highlight of the night was when Nashville was treated to being the first to hear a brand new song called “Borderline” – which we can confidently say is a banger and you’ll want to add it to your playlist when it comes out in a couple of days!

When Tove Lo came out for her encores, we were surprised by the third outfit of the night, this one all metallic! As she took the stage again, she told us that she had met a man in Nashville the day before and asked him what he wanted to hear at the show. So the crowd was blessed to hear “Stranger” played live for the first time ever, before Tove Lo closed out the night with the song that started it all – “Habits (Stay High)” – and the beginning of Dirt Femme – “No One Dies From Love.” These two were significant to end the night with, as Tove Lo noted that “Habits” was released independently, and Dirt Femme is her first album as an indie artist, bringing her full circle.

If you weren’t with us in Nashville last night dancing and singing and banging on the benches of the Ryman, we hope you’re catching this show during the rest of the tour!

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RKS in Nashville

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came to play Nashville Municipal Auditorium on December 10th, giving a show to remember to a sold out crowd.

One of the fun and exciting things about RKS is that they have no singular tour setlist, so each audience is in for a treat since they can’t be sure which songs they’ll be hearing all night! For Nashville, RKS opened with “All That and More (Sailboat)” from their debut album Seven + Mary. Of course, tracks were played covering their entire discography, including “Painkillers,” “Devil Like Me,” and “Cocaine Jesus.” When they played “First Class,” the entire auditorium sang along to every word, and the bright white lights lit up the thousands in attendance, showcasing the love for RKS that had brought everyone together.

Speaking of lights, the lighting design was impeccable. Whether you were up close to the stage or at the top of the balcony, you got to witness as beams of all different colors shot across the venue, often silhouetting the band members and enthralling the audience. The lights brought you closer to the music, and even the moments in-between songs were given appreciation with softly glowing rainbows – appropriate for the band’s name.

Catch Rainbow Kitten Surprise for their remaining tour dates this month in the US, or find them next spring in their world tour!

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BANKS in Nashville

BANKS came to play at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, one of the first stops on her Serpentina Tour. Serpentina is Banks’s fourth album, so she had plenty of songs to choose from when getting ready for this tour. “It was hard to make a setlist,” she said, “Each song is my baby.”

Banks opened with “Misunderstood” to a screaming crowd, flanked by two dancers who struck acrobatic poses as often as they danced in sync with Banks herself. It’s hard to say which songs she played were fan-favorites, as the crowd cheered enthusiastically at the start of each and every new track. But some include “Gemini Feed” off of Serpentina, “Fuck With Myself” from her second album The Altar, and “Beggin For Thread” from Goddess, her first. Before playing “Gimme,” a song from her album III, Banks reminded us all that “it’s time for everyone – especially women – to demand what they want from the Supreme Court.” And we agree that “Gimme” is the perfect anthem for that statement.

Banks told us before playing one song in particular that it was eight years old, but she had only started playing it live for the first time this week on her tour. That song was “Someone New,” and the crowd sang along to every word of the ballad.

Take a look at the gallery below and stream Serpentina wherever you listen to music!

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Nashville Pride 2022

Happy Pride, y’all!

Nashville celebrated Pride the weekend of June 25th, and the grounds of Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park were filled with all sorts of joy, colors, and love. The near 100 degree temperatures along with high humidity made for a sweaty weekend, but no less of a fun one.

Day 1 began with the parade, and then everyone made the journey over from Broadway to the park to keep the celebration going all weekend. Equality Stage featured performances from Daisha McBride, Dave Audé, and Bully throughout the afternoon.

We also were treated to several drag shows, one of which was kicked off with a performance to music from Bring It On,which had people in the crowd singing and dancing along.

And as we headed into the evening, headliner Walk the Moon took the stage. Lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca shared with us that it was his first Pride since coming out, and Nashville was sure to respond with love and cheers.

The mood during Pride wasn’t always joyous, as the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade had been announced less than 24 hours prior. Petricca acknowledged this, as most artists did, saying “Even in the face of impossible things, I believe in us.”

Day 2 began just as sweltering as the day before, with some cloudy skies providing no relief. But these beautiful faces were still smiling, laughing, and dancing!

The Rainbow Stage featured artists like Rosemary Joaquin and Gia Woods, who both sang to the crowd that looked out over the entire park.

The afternoon brought us Bantug and Sienna Liggins on the Equality Stage, getting the ever-growing crowd out of the shade and onto the lawn.

And then we had an incredible evening with actress and singer Michaela Jaé, best known for her role in Pose. While she only could give us three songs, the crowd was roaring with their support and excitement, cheering on both her dance moves and everything she had to say.

Following Michaela Jae was Vincint, who, much to the delight of the audience, spent almost half of his performance in the crowd. He sang to individuals and had everyone make space for a runway where Pride-goers gave their best walk.

Before the final act, host and drag queen obSINity came out in a tank that said “Tanya Mother Tucker” on it in rainbow letters, preparing us for the final act of the festival. But before she announced Tanya Tucker, obSINity had a few final words for us. “Love who you are.” Cheers and tears alike filled the park with her moving speech.

And as the sun began to set, Nashville was treated with the headliner of the evening, Tanya Tucker. She came out with a bang, wearing a plumage of rainbow feathers and sparkling all over. The drag queens came out during her second song to share the stage, and it felt like a perfect way to conclude the festival.

Until next June! But remember, Pride is for every day.

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The Pretty Reckless at Bridgestone Arena

Is there anyone else you’d rather be singing about going to hell with than The Pretty Reckless? We didn’t think so. The band opened for Shinedown on The Revolution’s Live Tour, following Diamante and stepping onstage to a warmed up crowd. The Pretty Reckless had previously had to cancel their own headlining tour twice due to the pandemic, so it was a long-awaited sight for all to see them performing live.

The Pretty Reckless kicked off their set with a bang and a cover of Soundgarden’s “Loud Love” before moving into their own “Since You’re Gone” followed by their most recent single “Only Love Can Save Me Now.” Frontwoman Taylor Momsen had the crowd sing along with the call and response in “Heaven Knows,” while also asking for audience help singing “Going to Hell,” where everyone enthusiastically screamed the lyrics. “Going to Hell” featured a guitar solo by Ben Phillips, where he walked the length the runway and treated us to a couple of minutes of pure guitar goodness.

With a truly stacked setlist, they fit as many fan-favorites as they could in the 8 song set, which only left the audience wanting more.

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Shinedown at Bridgestone Arena

Shinedown stopped by Nashville with only a few shows left on the Revolution’s Live Tour. Shinedown formed in the early 2000’s, so they’re no strangers to the stage, and they certainly gave us all a show. With an opening to the set that celebrated getting back out to tour after shutting down for the pandemic, the members walked proudly out on stage to the deafening cheers of the audience. That would be the last time for the night that anything as slow as walking would be done on the stage.

Starting us off with “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo,” the energy in the arena could not reach a higher peak. Lead vocalist Brent Smith had the arena with their hands in the air while guitarist Zach Meyers and bassist Eric Bass ran up and down the runway, giving their all into their instruments, and drummer Barry Kerch kept up the headbanging at the back of the stage. Towards the end of the song, the stage was lit up with pillars of flames, making the audience roar along with Smith.

The energy, of course, did not dim throughout the night. Shinedown played old favorites and new, including the title track off of their upcoming seventh studio album Planet Zero which comes out July 1st.

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DIAMANTE at Bridgestone Arena

Diamante kicked off the third to last show of the Revolution’s Live Tour in Nashville, opening with “Ghost Myself,” her 2020 single that is also on her most recent album American Dream. This being a rock concert, there were no worries about the audience being quiet or bored in her opening act, as Diamante and the audience kept the energy at a high from the opening notes until the end of the set.

Diamante wore a Nashville Predators hockey jersey for the first two songs, much to the delight of the crowd since it’s officially the NHL playoffs. Diamante told everyone that her first arena show was here at Bridgestone Arena, so Nashville and this venue holds a special place in her heart.

She also surprised everyone by bringing out Ajay Popoff from Lit to join her in performing “American Dream.” The two worked all sides of the stage, with Diamante ending up with a foot on the drum kit and everyone else headbanging below.

Take a look below for photos from the show.

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alt-J // The Dream Tour

Nashville celebrated the night of Mardi Gras by attending the co-headlined Dream Tour at Nashville Municipal Auditorium, and alt-J was the final band to play. alt-J opened up their set with “Something Good,” and revealed to the audience the screened-in box that made up their stage. Projected images danced across those screens, resulting in visuals that were ethereal, abstract, and mesmerizing.

alt-J played songs off of their latest album The Dream, including “Bane” and “U&ME.” The screens around the stage lifted for the duration of “Matilda,” in which the audience was invited to sing along to the more intimate song, and then the screens came back down for the rest of the night. Along with the new music, alt-J played all of our old favorites, closing out the show with “Left Hand Free” and “Breezeblocks.”

Take a look at our gallery for photos of the night!

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Portugal. The Man at Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Nashville celebrated the night of Mardi Gras by attending the co-headlined Dream Tour at Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Portugal. The Man took the stage before alt-J, playing fan-favorite singles such as “Live in the Moment” and “Feel It Still,” along with their latest “What, Me Worry?” The audience raved for the wild light show that accompanied the set, and sang their hearts out as Portugal. The Man ended their portion of the show with “Purple Yellow Red and Blue.”

And the most meaningful part of the night was just before Portugal. The Man took the stage, where they acknowledged and honored the Indigenous people whose land they were performing on. In this case, the Cherokee and Shawnee tribes, among others. The moment was much appreciated by all in attendance.

Take a look at our gallery for images from the night!