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DIAMANTE at Bridgestone Arena

Diamante kicked off the third to last show of the Revolution’s Live Tour in Nashville, opening with “Ghost Myself,” her 2020 single that is also on her most recent album American Dream. This being a rock concert, there were no worries about the audience being quiet or bored in her opening act, as Diamante and the audience kept the energy at a high from the opening notes until the end of the set.

Diamante wore a Nashville Predators hockey jersey for the first two songs, much to the delight of the crowd since it’s officially the NHL playoffs. Diamante told everyone that her first arena show was here at Bridgestone Arena, so Nashville and this venue holds a special place in her heart.

She also surprised everyone by bringing out Ajay Popoff from Lit to join her in performing “American Dream.” The two worked all sides of the stage, with Diamante ending up with a foot on the drum kit and everyone else headbanging below.

Take a look below for photos from the show.

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