Concert Photography

Chloe Moriondo in San Francisco

Chloe Moriondo’s “SUCKERPUNCH” tour came to San Francisco last week at the Great American Music Hall for a fun night of singing and dancing. Moriondo ran around on stage in a silver two-piece ensemble and tall moon boots singing various hits including “Popstar” and “Celebrity” from her newest album. Among these hits, she also sang “Bodybag,” a fan-favorite from her previous album, Blood Bunny.

Towards the middle of her set, Chloe Moriondo asked the crowd if they would like to hear a cover of one of her favorite Lady Gaga songs and everyone cheered in excitement, which led Moriondo to begin singing Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Following this song, she exited the stage and the intro to “Hotel for Clowns” commenced as Moriondo appeared on stage fully decked out in a clown outfit. After this performance, Chloe Moriondo made a comment about how her inner child needed that song.

Throughout the night, Chloe Moriondo brought her positive and invigorating energy to the concert hall, leaving fans with an impression that will be sure to last. If you’re in the mood to listen to some upbeat hyper pop, make sure to steam Moriondo’s latest album, SUCKERPUNCH.

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