Concert Photography

King Princess at The Regency Ballroom

King Princess, also known as Mikaela Strauss, stopped at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco last week for “The Hold On Baby Tour.” King Princess started their set by running on stage and singing “Little Brother,” a song from the pop artist’s sophomore album, Hold On Baby. Throughout the night, King Princess took sips from a red solo cup and paused between songs to engage with the audience. As the track for “Winter is Hopeful,” a song that King Princess wrote about their girlfriend, began, they stopped and asked for the backup track to be turned off. “No tracks, let’s go all live… these fucking computers!” they exclaimed.

Later on, King Princess told the audience that they would be singing one of their “vintage” singles. Everyone immediately knew that they were referring to “1950,” their debut song from 2018. The audience started to cheer loudly and pull up their phones. King Princess quickly stopped to tell everyone to put their phones down. “You can find recordings of this song everywhere,” they said, “Instead of having our phones out, let’s sing the shit out of this song together!” Surprisingly, all but two or three audience members put away their phones, creating an intimate moment for everyone.

King Princess’s encore consisted of three songs, ending with “Let Us Die.” Make sure to stream King Princess’s album Hold On Baby and catch one of their live shows in a city near you! 

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