Concert Photography

RKS in Nashville

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came to play Nashville Municipal Auditorium on December 10th, giving a show to remember to a sold out crowd.

One of the fun and exciting things about RKS is that they have no singular tour setlist, so each audience is in for a treat since they can’t be sure which songs they’ll be hearing all night! For Nashville, RKS opened with “All That and More (Sailboat)” from their debut album Seven + Mary. Of course, tracks were played covering their entire discography, including “Painkillers,” “Devil Like Me,” and “Cocaine Jesus.” When they played “First Class,” the entire auditorium sang along to every word, and the bright white lights lit up the thousands in attendance, showcasing the love for RKS that had brought everyone together.

Speaking of lights, the lighting design was impeccable. Whether you were up close to the stage or at the top of the balcony, you got to witness as beams of all different colors shot across the venue, often silhouetting the band members and enthralling the audience. The lights brought you closer to the music, and even the moments in-between songs were given appreciation with softly glowing rainbows – appropriate for the band’s name.

Catch Rainbow Kitten Surprise for their remaining tour dates this month in the US, or find them next spring in their world tour!

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