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Taylor Swift’s Love Life is None of Our Business

Taylor Swift has been ridiculed, lied about, made fun of, and downright hated in the media since she became famous nearly two decades ago. There was the narrative that she was a “serial dater” that all her exes became material for songs, there was the Kim and Kanye “snake” drama, and a million micro aggressions alluding to her weight, her fashion, and every little thing about her.

So, even though all the major “news” sources are writing about it, are tweeting about it, are using it for clout and clicks, we will not be commenting on Taylor’s love life. Taylor’s personal life is just that: her personal business. Not our business. And although we feel like we know her through the song lyrics she writes, we don’t know everything about Taylor. We know one side of her, the celebrity side. And so whether or not this is true, we’ll let Taylor talk about it when she is comfortable and ready to. And for now, we’ll sing along to Eras Tour videos and stream Midnights.

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