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P1Harmony at Opry House

February 12, 2023 was a night to remember – and not because of the Super Bowl – as P1Harmony became the first K-pop band to play the historic Grand Ole Opry in Music City. Their setlist included songs across their discography, including “Back Down” and “BFF” from their latest EP Harmony: Set In, as well as favorites from past releases such as “Doom Du Doom” and “Follow Me,” the latter in which the crowd was delightfully shocked when streamer cannons shot off towards the end of the song.

Being in Nashville, the band naturally thought to give a shout out to country music. Soul decided to sing an a capella rendition of “Home on the Range,” which was hilarious and at the same time beautiful, and the entire audience sang along with smiles on their faces.

The band acknowledged that it was Super Bowl Sunday, and everyone could have been at home watching Rihanna play. But they weren’t, so P1Harmony was grateful to their fans for being there. Judging by the cheers, deafening screams, and dancing throughout the concert, we don’t think it was a tough decision for them.