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Nathan Zarowny Releases “You Don’t Play Fair”

Today, alternative pop artist Nathan Zarowny released his second single of the year titled “You Don’t Play Fair.” Following up “Why,” he continues to give us haunting music with emotional lyrics.

“You Don’t Play Fair” is about being somebody’s second choice but not settling for that. The piece opens with harmonic humming, which is one of my favorite aspects of the song. Those hums reappear throughout and become their own instrument. The quiet verses build to the nearly chaotic chorus, leaving you emotionally grasping at something to hold on to. “Now you want me because I don’t want you,” Zarowny sings, with only a piano to accompany him in the bridge, pulling at all of the heartstrings before leading us to the end of the song.

Sound like something you want to listen to? Click here to stream “You Don’t Play Fair.”

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In the classic Olivia O’Brien style, her latest single “Now” calls out another toxic guy but plays on the tune of Akon’s “Right Now”

I wanna make up right now, na na

I wanna make up right now, na na

Wish we never broke up right now, na na”

Olivia O’Brien’s lyrics juxtaposes Akon’s from the female’s point of view:

Maybe we could be in love right now, now, now

Maybe you would be the one right now, now, now

If you didn’t fuck up right now, now, now

We’d be making love right now, now, now.

Not only does the music tribute the early 2000’s but the music video references pop culture such as the Disney Channel popular series, Lizzie McGuire as well as the trademark Mouse outline. 

After the massive success from TikTok viral song, ”Jossalyn,” Olivia never disappoints and you should check out the music video and stream the song right now, now, now.

Revisions by Sonnie Nguyen.

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Skyler Cocco takes us on “The Drive”

Skyler Cocco is much more than an indie pop artist. With too many hyphens to put in her title, she does it all. Producing, writing, mixing, and performing, there’s no end to her talents. Today she released another single, one of many this year, called “The Drive.”

Skyler Cocco’s breathy vocals, turning staccato at times, mixed with the dreamy synths paints a picture of the open road ahead and wide sky above. “I thought about it on the drive” is a line we can all relate to, as getting in a car provides little distraction and all the time to think and to overthink. She sings of a mistake made by herself and the hopes to start anew, and while the words should be painful, the music is hopeful and fun.

Go take a listen to “The Drive” and stay tuned for more singles from Skyler Cocco, which we most certainly can expect!

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It’s Ok If You Forget Me // ASTRID S

Take break-ups and heartaches, but make it mature and full of growth.

This is what Norwegian pop star Astrid S has given us in the sneak peak of her upcoming debut Album, Leave It Beautiful, to be released on October 16th, 2020. 

The singer has already built herself up in a solid foundation within her music career from her 3 previous successful EPs as well as collaborations with artists like Shawn Mendes, JP Cooper, and more. 

Not only does her vocal performance kill me in this song, the songwriting within itself could break my heart and sew it back together all in one. 

Patience is a thing that I learned from you

That some things can’t feel wrong even though they’re true

Went through all the hard times together

Kept me calm when I’d lose my temper

I’m just really grateful that I had you

From everything to nothing at all

Every day to never at all

I mean, seriously?! It makes me think about how some relationships aren’t meant to be heartbreaking but full of growth and a lesson learned. We should all follow Astrid and take note of her optimism that she’s shared with us in this song. I am very excited to see her experiences with heartbreak and relationships when Leave It Beautiful drops. Check out It’s Ok If You Forget Me here.

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Everybody Wants You // JOHNNY ORLANDO

Johnny Orlando introduces his latest song, Everybody Wants You, as his first single released from his upcoming EP. Prior to this single, he released ‘‘What If (I Told You I Like You)’’ which features Mackenzie Ziegler and has gained traction as a popular TikTok song. 

Fans have been eagerly waiting for more of Johnny and I can understand why. At not even eighteen years old, Orlando has already signed with Universal Music Canada / Island Records, surpassed the two million monthly listeners on Spotify,  and even took home the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Canadian Act in 2019.

Everybody Wants You talks about a common feeling of  jealousy and how he sees attention that comes to someone that everybody else also wants.

And I wish that you would look at me

The way you’re looking at your own reflection (your reflection)

Now everybody’s watching you

And I can tell you’re loving the attention, hah

He teams up with director, Alex P. Smith and animator, Gabe Sapienza for his music video that draws attention to the dark and sad connotation to the song. I’m excited to hear more from Johnny and as we patiently wait for his upcoming EP, stream Everybody Wants You

Check out the music video here:

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Lose Somebody // JACK GILINSKY

Heartbreaks, copious amounts of tequila, and love songs, we’ve been there.

This is exactly what Jack Gilinsky has brought us back to in his latest single, Lose Somebody

He sings about the regret he feels in a past relationship and how he’s come to the realization that he ‘‘Had to lose somebody to miss somebody’’

My favorite part of this song is the bridge. Lyrically, he comes to terms that he is not able to let go and even goes to say that it is ‘ugly’ without the other person around. 

These things they come and go

I just can’t let this one free

The only love I’ll know (Ooh-ooh, ooh-oh, ooh, ooh-ooh)

Without you I feel ugly

Jack’s catchy melodies in the chorus accompanied by iann dior’s feature makes this a sad song of the summer. Be sure to check out next time you’re in the mood for sad love songs.

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Yours Truly To Release New Album “Self Care”

Sydney pop-punk band Yours Truly is releasing their highly anticipated debut album Self Care this week, and we wanted to give you the inside scoop on the album, the writing process for the band, and our favorite tracks!

After massive success from their 2019 EP Afterglow (which has over 8.5 million streams), they were excited to jump back in and work on their first full length album.

“There was this almost electric feeling of excitement about getting to sit down and write our first record but also a huge feeling of anxiety at the same time,” comments vocalist Mikaila Delgado. “We didn’t want to release something and have people say that we’re actually not that good and weren’t worthy of all the success we were getting… it was like we all had imposter syndrome.”

The theme of the album is self care, and is focused on living, learning and the healing process that we’re all still trying to figure out.

“We very much felt like we were in the deep end. It was a huge learning curve, I had to grow up a lot in this time and hold myself together, often feeling so many emotions all stitched into me that I couldn’t comprehend. I definitely felt guilty about being sad when I should have been grateful for how fortunate I had been.”

Self Care is impressive from start to finish, with catchy beats, bold vocals and that classic pop-punk vibe. The album’s lead single Siamese Souls starts strong and punchy and sets up the mood for the album.

Vivid Dream reminds us of our favorite We The Kings or All Time Low song, while still retaining their signature sound. We couldn’t stop nodding our head to the beat. The album rounds out with a slower moment in the acoustic ballad Half Of Me, and finishes with Heartsleeve, where Mikaila sings, “Say I’m not the one who makes you feel the sun. Do you find yourself ashamed to come undone?”

“I wanted to wear my heart on my sleeve with the album and be completely transparent about how I felt, and now I realise that I pulled through and life really is a constant wheel of highs and lows. I’ve learnt to bask in the highs when they’re around.”

The cover art was designed by Sydney-based artist and photographer Georgia Moloney. It’s a cross-stitched human heart with flowers emerging from it, and arms wrapping around it like a hug.

“We really learnt and lived a lot in one year, and writing these songs allowed me to understand myself on a whole new level throughout it all,” Mikaila closes.

“The experience was a true form of self-care that ended with me feeling stronger, smarter, enlightened and positive after a rollercoaster of emotions. For me, this album was my version of soaking in vanilla candles and that comforting taste of chocolate and red wine under blankets. We hope it brings solace to whoever listens to it and can relate too.”

This album had us wishing that we were at a Yours Truly concert rocking out to all their new jams. Yours Truly have created a fabulous album, and we’re so excited for you guys to hear it soon!

The album is set to release on Friday. Grab a copy here.

Yours Truly – Self Care Tracklist

1. Siamese Souls
2. Composure
3. Together
4. Vivid Dream
5. Undersize
6. Ghost
7. Funeral Home
8. Glass Houses
9. Half Of Me
10. Heartsleeve

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Eskimo Callboy takes on 2020 with new EP “MMXX”

German metalcore band Eskimo Callboy is back with a whole lotta new! New EP, new singer, new chapter. And even a new tour next year. They’re latest single “Hypa Hypa” is their second most-streamed song of all time on Spotify, so you know “MMXX” is going to be a fan favorite. And for those unfamiliar with Roman numerals, MMXX means 2020. We’ll take this EP as a positive piece of this insane year!

“MMXX” leads off with “Hypa Hypa,” which is an incredible mix of EDM and metal. If you haven’t seen the music video, watching it is a must. The video and song are so much fun, you’ll be headbanging to it regardless if metal is your kind of music or not!

Photos provided by The Orchard

“Hate/Love” is a personal favorite off of the EP. It keeps up the dance vibes that “Hypa Hypa” lead off with, with just enough screaming. And as we move through the rest of the EP – “MC Thunder II,” “Monsieur Moustache,” and “Dramaqueen,” – the music gets more aggressive. It’s a well-done blend of going from lighter to heavier, somehow balancing these vastly different genres of electronic and metalcore.

The EP wraps up with “Prism,” which is a surprisingly pretty song. It’s not at all how I expected “MMXX” to end, but I do hope that the year of 2020 goes similarly: soft and sweet. Was that Eskimo Callboy’s intent with this EP, to reflect the moods of this year? Whether it was or not, you’re in for a ride when you take a listen to “MMXX!”

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Sunroof // Slush Puppy

San Diego holds a variety of talented individuals, and it’s clear that Sam aka Slush Puppy is one of them. With an already impressive discography of self-produced work, he continues to prove that his music is worth listening to.

Having completed high school and gained attention from prior releases, he’s still in the process of creating music and finding his own artistic sound. “I would put stuff out on Spotify to see how it would go, and it was music that I made for fun. Now I’ve figured out that music is something that I want to do as a career and take seriously.” – Sam

The music has definitely made an impact as Slush Puppy amassed over 100k on his recent single “I Don’t Like Ur Friends,” released late in June of this year, as well as featuring in fellow up and coming artist david hugo’s single “9teen,” which made an appearance on Lyrical Lemonade.

Teaming up with the TRST. Records team (a company founded by Amisha Sarkar), Slush Puppy is taking the next step in his career, and I’m very excited to hear more from him knowing he is in good hands. His newest single “Sunroofis exactly what I needed to hear during this sad summer in quarantine as it portrays nostalgic feelings of old, happy memories in past times. If you’re thinking about pre-covid summers, immediately throw on this song in the car and drive around.

“Chillin with our hands out the sunroof / Screamin to the sound of The 1975

I’ve had my fair share of wanting to fast forward to 2021, but we all need those moments to reminisce on those nostalgic summer experiences and “Sunroof” is the best anthem for that.

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Mokita lifts us up in new single “Down”

When I learned Mokita was releasing a new single, I thought I was going to be in for another dance party. Instead, “Down” is a ballad. But don’t let that turn you away! “Down” is a much-needed hug, especially in this time where our physical, mental, and emotional health are likely to be struggling.

“You’re gonna make it out / you’re gonna fly / you’re gonna find a way just give it time,” Mokita quietly sings in the chorus. Sometimes we need a pump-up song, sometimes we need a loud and strong anthem, but here Mokita reminds us that sometimes we need a soft reminder of our strength. He finishes the chorus with “I won’t let you down,” letting us know that there is someone to support us through our trying times.

“Down” is a sad song with a comforting message. It brings a nice change to the landscape of music that’s recently become full of happy songs with sad lyrics. Both are great, but maybe you’re like me and need a song like “Down” to soothe your heart in this moment. Go take a listen here.